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How to Maintain Your Dust Collector Professional

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Dust Filter Bag

The welding of the filter bag cage is not standardized. The unevenness of the welding frame of the filter bag cage or friction with the cabinet will cause the dust filter bag to be worn out during shaking. Generally, the uneven surface of the filter bag cage refers to burrs or edges at the welding place;

The dust bag installation is not standard. The dust filter bags are too loose when suspended, which may cause the dust filter bag to collide or friction with other components, resulting in damage to itself;

The disassembly and assembly of the dust filter bag is not standard. When the dust filter bag is disassembled or installed, it is likely to collide with metal edges and wear the cloth bag. This kind of injury is not easy to detect, but ash will appear during work;

The cleaning cycle is unreasonable. The dust removal cycle is too short and the dust removal method is wrong, which will increase the burden on the dust filter bag and cause the dust filter bag to be easily damaged;

Dust-containing gas properties. The temperature of the dusty gas is too high, the concentration is too high, and the wind speed is too high, etc., it will increase the burden of the dust filter bag and easily cause premature damage to the dust filter bag. In addition, if the dust filter bag used fails to match this working condition, it is easy to burn. On the contrary, if the temperature is too low and the wind speed is low, it is easy to cause condensation and dust removal of the dust filter bag. The high dust filter bag needs to be replaced.

Five Things You Should Know about Dust Collection Filter Media

#1: Most industrial dust collection manufacturers design filters or collectors. Few design both.

The customer wins when a manufacturer understands the behavior of both the filter media and the dust collector and designs both. When a supplier can optimize the interaction between the filter media’s performance and the collector’s performance as a single consolidated system, the customer benefits by a more stable and dependable operation and lower operating costs.

#2: Effective filter media designs may require thousands of computer simulations before initial lab samples are produced or final media grades are released to production.

Filter media development is very involved and includes the testing of raw materials and properties of filter media blends. Raw material testing and media development labs often evaluate media components using: high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) Spectroscopy, TD-GC-MS (Thermogravimetric Analyzer - Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry), and SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy). These tools help ensure the optimal design and materials are being used to appropriately match the application conditions.

Development of Donaldson media grades includes computer modeling to predict tensile strength, stiffness, permeability, and a variety of other filtration and efficiency levels. This modeling helps ensure a thorough understanding of the potential physical properties of a media recipe before a test recipe is even produced in the lab. When a recipe shows promise, samples are produced in the lab so physical testing can confirm the predicted properties.

Donaldson considers filter media development one of its core competencies. Even so, with all our background and experience, new media recipes still go through thousands of computer and lab iterations to achieve the optimized characteristics before we begin production of a new media grade.

#3: There’s more to manufacturing filter media than meets the eye.

The general process of developing any filter media should begin by identifying the application requirements. Then specifications are determined for not only the finished media grade, but for the final filtration product in which the dust filter media grade will be incorporated (i.e. cartridge, panel, or filter pack).


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