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Paint by numbers

2 weeks ago   Freebies   Cambridge   12 views Reference: 17164

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Location: Cambridge

Paint by numbers is a system where a picture is divided into shapes, each marked with a number that corresponds to a particular color. You paint in each shape and ultimately the picture emerges as a finished painting. The paint by numbers approach is often ridiculed as being simplistic, uncreative, and formulaic. I believe it's helpful in getting across the concept that a painting is built up through multiple shapes of color. These shapes often don't make sense individually,Maintaining mental health becomes essential when it comes to healthy work-life balance. Innovative research in 2005 proved a decline in anxiety levels when people colored mandalas. The benefits of Paint by Numbers for adults are: 1) Reduce Anxiety and Stress Level: Paintings make adults feel happier, calmer and more relaxed. It is an amazingly easy way to relieve stress and get pent-up emotions out. Making their worries fade away temporarily. Even those who cannot paint can paint their feelings through this approach; 2) Increased Attention Span: Painting by Numbers enhances focus and concertation; 3) Experiencing success: In painting by numbers approach, completion of a picture can provide a great sense of achievement. Thus, improving self-confidence and inspire creation;4) Similar to Meditation: Painting mandalas and different patterns helps adults keep focused on the present moment, similar to that of meditation; 5) Enhance Cognitive Memory Function: Coloring helps in problem solving and organizational skills; 6) Improves Tolerance and Patience: Step by step painting process helps to cultivate one's patience and the emphasis on small details; 7) Physical and Mental Training: Painting improve cognitive abilities and motor coordination. This reduces the need of medication for depression and other stress-related disorders; 8) Good Time Pass: For those who just need a hobby to help them reduce stress, have a good time pass and perfect way to chill out, these kits could be the best ticket. What benefits makes Paint by Numbers for kids is that it will enhance their development. One main reason is that drawing and coloring are activities that develop a child's motor skills. The game develops their coordination skills since it teaches them to coordinate certain colors with numbers. They will also learn how to properly apply the right colors to the image. Overall, it's a good educational tool that can further help in enhancing kids' development. Plus, it's also fun to play, so they won't get bored learning and developing.

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