Employment Listing Safety

Employment Listing Safety

As an effective tool for job seekers and employers, KiwiAds is a convenient platform connecting people to jobs. We do however recommend you practice caution to ensure your safety when using KiwiAds. Here are our top safety tips for job seekers:

- Do your research

Conduct a thorough search on the company or organisation advertising the job vacancy. Not only will you gain a good insight about the organisation which will help in an interview but also the legitimacy of the role.

- Meet your employers

Beware of any employer offering you a job without having met you face-to-face first. Skype calls are helpful if the role requires remote working.

- Do not give employers your personal details before formal acceptance

Wait until you have formally accepted the role and started working at the organisation to disclose your bank account and all other person details. Reputable companies will never ask for these details prior to you joining.

- Do not make any payments before starting your job

It is very rare that a legitimate organisation will need you to make any form of payment before starting your role. If however you are being asked to make a payment for either training or starter kits for example, then take caution as this may be a scam.