Selling Safely

Selling Safely

The more transparent and honest you are when communicating your item or service of sale on KiwiAds, the more your ad will be seen as safe and trustworthy naturally increasing your chances of ad success. Here are some of our recommendations to be recognised as a safe seller:

- Provide lots of information on the posting form

Try to fill in the entire posting form so your ad contains as much detail as possible.

- Include good photos

Images instantly make your ad appealing and stand out. Uploading multiple good quality photos increases your chances of ad success. Photos show clarity and authenticity which is important for buyers.

- Provide a clear and accurate description

Include a detailed description of your item or service on the posting form, specifying clearly and accurately your offer. Being brief or illusive will lead to people treating your ad suspiciously.

- Stick to the rules

Do not include content that violates our terms and conditions. If in doubt, please check our terms and conditions before uploading your ad.

- Be responsive

Keep an eye on all responses to your ad – answering questions about your item or service as quickly as possible. Have additional images available in case a customer wishes to view additional photos and if you get asked the same question more than once, consider updating your ad description.

- Proof of purchase

Where possible, ensure you have as much documentation available to prove authenticity of ownership.


Protect yourself

Here are our top tips and guidelines on how you can protect yourself as a seller:

- KiwiAds will never directly get in touch with you to buy your item

As nice as your item for sale may be, KiwiAds will not get in touch with you directly (either through an email or telephone) to buy it. If however, you receive an email claiming it's from us, please ignore as it is a scam and notify your local customer services team.

- Wait for payments to clear

Always wait for a buyer's payment to be made or to have cleared in your account before handing over your goods.

- Check counterfeit banknotes

If you're being paid in cash, make sure you check the notes are not counterfeit. Full information regarding counterfeit notes can be found on any New Zealand Bank website.

- Proof of posting

When posting an item, make sure you obtain proof of posting and postal insurance.

- PayPal – seller protection scheme

If you are receiving money through PayPal, ensure you meet the requirements of its seller protection scheme.

- Face-to-face is best

Meet the buyer face-to-face in a public place, accompanied by someone. This will allow them to inspect your offer before the exchange takes place.

- Trust your instincts

If the buyer is eliciting fraudulent or illegal behaviour, trust your gut instincts and don't proceed.