Vehicles Listing Safety

Vehicles Listing Safety

Buying a car or a motorcycle can be a delightful experience and we at KiwiAds want to keep it that way. To avoid scams and fraudsters, here are our top tips for a safe and rewarding experience when buying a vehicle:

- If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Don't be fooled by what looks like an unbelievable bargain. Let your common sense and instincts guide you when choosing your vehicle. If it has been advertised at an extremely low price, significantly lower than market value – it may be severely damaged, stolen or non-existent.

- Meet the seller and inspect the vehicle

It's important to meet the seller, drive and inspect the vehicle thoroughly before agreeing to a sale – ideally during the day so you can spot any damage clearly. Do not go alone but if this is unavoidable tell someone where you're going, including your viewing time and seller's address.

- Carry out a car history check

It pays to have a car history check when purchasing a second-hand vehicle. This provides private buyers, dealers, finance houses, and the insurance industry with access to information on all NZ registered vehicles. It will help you determine whether a vehicle has been clocked, stolen or is a repaired insurance write off and ensure that it is legal and will belong to the people who buy them.

- Ask to see all original documentation

Check the seller's address and vehicle identification numbers are the same as the ones listed on the registration documents and check its service history.

- Do not pay for transportation costs before receiving the vehicle

Some fraudsters ask for a payment to be made before the delivery of the vehicle. Refrain from making any purchases related to transportation costs until you've legitimately received your vehicle.

- Never use money transfer services

We recommend paying for the vehicle when you collect it from the seller. Do not use a money transfer service as it's the fraudster's preferred method of acquiring the money illegally.


Here are our top tips for selling a vehicle safely and avoiding fraudulent buyers:

- Always accompany the buyer on test drives and carry out checks

It's important to check that a buyer has a valid driving license and insurance cover before they test drive the vehicle. Ensure you accompany them on the test drive to avoid theft or unnecessary damage to the vehicle.

- Take precautions

It's important to take necessary precautions to avoid becoming a victim of fraud including: Hold the vehicle keys at all times, Never leave the keys in the ignition and Keep a close eye on the prospective buyer at all times

- Ensure the legitimacy of payments

Online bank transfers may be the safest way to receive money as you avoid handling large amounts of cash and problems associated with forged, cancelled or stolen cheques. Cash is also a good method of payment. Ask for the cash to be handed to you at your local bank, where forgeries can be checked and cash can be paid in to your account immediately. If this is not possible however head to a website of any New Zealand bank where you can find out more info about counterfeit banknotes.